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Trucker stories. Industry tips and trends. Interviews with recognized professionals. Another Dimension with QuiCK Transport is a podcast dedicated to people who enjoy everything trucking.


Episode #1 – Pilot

Thank you for listening to our very first episode! This week we talk about the beginning of QuiCK Transport, the story of the company, and how we got to where we’re at today.

Episode #2 – Quality Trucking & Company Culture

In our second episode, we cover the qualities of a reputable and trustworthy trucking/transport company, as well as the importance of a strong company culture. Don’t forget to send us feedback and topic ideas for future episodes!

Episode #3 – Winter Weather Driving

In our 3rd episode, we talk crappy driving conditions and how to best prepare yourself while traveling through the midwest during the winter months. Congratulations to our social media contest winners, and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to be entered each week. Don’t forget to send us feedback and topic ideas for future episodes!

Episode #4 – Ins & Outs of Flatbed Transport

Whether it’s planning for a busy metropolitan route or checking the securement of your load, there’s a lot that goes into planning a flatbed transport. This week we cover all of the things that make up a successful trip.

Episode #5 – Guest: Bill Stollfuss

Our first guest is in the studio! Today we sit down with our good friend, Bill Stollfuss, to discuss the world of insurance, specifically for trucking companies when it comes to protecting your employees and equipment. Packers’ predictions are also included.

Episode #6 – Hidden Transport Costs & Customer Relationships

When freight isn’t delivered efficiently and safely, the costs can be significant. This week the guys layout a variety of problems that can go wrong with a delivery, as well as what it takes to maintain a healthy professional relationship.

Episode #7 – Our Drivers

Our drivers are the heart of our company. They stay with us because their experience and skills are recognized, and are fully supported by the rest of our team. Congratulations to one of our drivers, Stuart, for hitting one million miles and crossing off all 48 states!

Episode #8 – Unexpected Trucking Delays

Unforseen instances and obstacles can create chaos in the trucking world, as we’ve seen this last week with the winter storm that swept the southern portion of the country. Today we discuss the most efficient methods of handling an instance like this, as well as the effect inclement weather can have on the industry as a whole.

Episode #9 – A Busy Week In Flatbed Trucking

2021 has been CRAZY in the trucking world. The demand for specialty transport is as high as it’s ever been, which can create chaos in the office and with dispatch. This week we talk about ways to stay efficient and organized as a small to medium-sized trucking company when things get busy.

Episode #10 – Guest Matt Staszak

This week we welcome one of our drivers, Matt, to the studio for the first time. Listen in as we get his take regarding being on the road, how he got into trucking, and tips for guys just getting into the business.

Episode #11 – Another Week In Trucking & Core Company Values

It’s been another busy one in the flatbed industry. Today we recap this week’s events, as well as give our opinions on core company values, and whether they mean anything or not when running a successful business.

Episode #12 – The Mansfield Bar & Broker/Carrier Relationships

This week we talk about the history of how the Mansfield Bar came to be, the relationship between carriers and brokers, and where Quinn will be vacationing next week.

Episode #14 – Florida Vacations & The Struggles Of Hiring

After 3 weeks off, today we sit down to talk vacationing in Florida, the struggles of hiring in 2021, and what’s been happening within the transport industry lately.

Episode #15 – Why We Choose The Trucking Life

Why do we choose to stay in the transportation industry? In this week’s episode, we talk about why we love our jobs, and the stories that come with working in the trucking world.

Episode #16 – Blitz Week & ELDs In Canada

Thanks for tuning in! This week we drop some new trucker vocabulary, discuss the switch to ELDs in Canada, and how we were affected by the recent 72 hour “blitz.”

Episode #17 – Special Guest Chad Coker

It’s a special episode this week, as we have our very own Chad Coker in the podcast studio. This week’s question: How many times did Chad say “Good Job Billy” during this week’s episode? Answer on our social media pages!

Episode #18.5 –We’re FINALLY Back & Current Fuel Prices

After a long hiatus, we’re back in 2022. Today we talk about fuel prices and how it’s effecting the transportation industry. Thanks for listening!

Episode #19 – $755 Million Truck Parking Bill

Legislation designed to increase parking access for truck drivers nationwide was approved by the House Transportation and Infrastructure panel on July 20. Today we discuss the struggles of parking as an OTR driver, and how this bill could make life easier.

Episode #20 – Industry Recap & Kurt Benkert Gets Signed

Today we discuss what the trucking industry has looked like over the last few months, what the future holds, and Aaron Rodgers’ former backup getting picked up by the 49ers.

Episode #21 – Load Tracking & The State of Delivery Services

Load tracking has become a hot topic in the trucking world. Today we talked about the positive and negative effects, where it fits into the flatbed world, and discuss a few other random topics as well.

Episode #22 – Canadian Travel Restrictions Lifted & Kenworth Truck Shortages

Buying a truck in the next few years may be more of a hassle than it’s ever been. In today’s podcast, we discuss lead times on new vehicles and the effects of the Canadian border restrictions being lifted.

Episode #23 – New Education Opportunities & Technology in Trucking

In today’s world of transportation, quality education and training is the key to a successful career. In this episode we talk about the new opportunities drivers have when getting into trucking, as well as how technology will play a role in the near future.

Episode #24 – Fuel Shortages on the East Coast

Today we talk about the issue of a lack of fuel, what the means for the industry, and two college wrestlers who fought off a full grown Grizzly Bear.

Episode #25 – The Naked Georgia Man & Fuel Shortages Explained

In the trucking world, you never know what you’re going to see. From people running naked down the road to a plane emergency landing on a public road, every day is a new day.

Episode #26 – Tik Tok Tattle Tales & Respect For Truckers

In this episode, we discuss the Citizens Air Compliance Act and how people are making money by turning in trucks that idle for too long. We also cover a recent survey which recognizes the dedication and hard work surrounding those in the trucking industry.

Episode #27 – Tesla’s New Electric Trucks

TESLA has announced their new line of electric semi trucks-what are your thoughts?

According to local news reports, the last of 20 people in California who helped put hundreds of unqualified drivers on the nation’s highways operating big commercial vehicles has been successfully prosecuted. They included employees at the California Department of Motor Vehicles who accepted bribes to record fake scores for applicants’ written and driving tests, including some who could not pass the exams and others who had not even taken the tests, prosecutors said.

Our summer interns sit down with Taylor to talk about a wide variety of topics, including random trucking facts dirt bikes and drones.

“When it comes to freight companies, there are loads of carriers that talk a good game, but Quick Transport delivered my freight on time every time.”
Kevin Festavan | Cahaba Maintenance & Construction