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Voted Exceptional New Carrier of the Year

If you are looking for a trucking company that is of superb quality and optimal delivery services, look no further. QuiCK Transport’s reputation alone keeps our customers coming back to us when they know they need a shipment to make it to it’s destination intact and on time.

We provide service to all 48 states and Canada and our trailer fleet can accommodate a wide variety of shipment needs. We are safe, we are experienced, and we will be the ones who can deliver when others can’t.


Our drivers come first. We offer a very competitive compensation package including hourly wages and time off to enjoy life.
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We have the solution for your load. Quick Transport has an incredible track record. We pride ourselves on long lasting relationships.
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“When it comes to freight companies, there are loads of carriers that talk a good game, but Quick Transport delivered my freight on time every time.”
Kevin Festavan | Cahaba Maintenance & Construction