QuiCK Transport is a spot market carrier. We specialize in short notice freight with service oriented demands. We regularly service all 49 states and Canada. Our priority is on pickup and delivery times within legal and safe methods, and we provide the utmost care when it comes to handling freight.

Flatbed Trailers

  • 48 & 53 ft Flatbed
  • Stretch & Tri-Axle Options
  • Common Uses: Coils, Steel, Piping/Tubing, Lumber, Small Machinery

Step Deck Trailers

  • 53 ft Stepdecks
  • Stretch & Tri-Axle Options
  • Step Deck with Angled Racks & Ramps

RGNs/Double Drop Trailers

  • 48 & 53 ft
  • Extendable/Stretch Options
  • Flip & Tri-Axle Options
  • Outrigger Capabilities
  • Double Drop/Removable Gooseneck

Conestoga Trailers

  • 48 & 53 ft Conestogas
  • Flatbed & Step Deck Options
  • Clean, Dry & Waterproof
  • Dry Van Trailers with Lift Gate Service

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“When it comes to freight companies, there are loads of carriers that talk a good game, but Quick Transport delivered my freight on time every time.”
Kevin Festavan | Cahaba Maintenance & Construction