QuiCK Transport

A safe and reliable specialized trucking company

If you are looking for a trucking company that is of superb quality and optimal delivery services, look no further. QuiCK Transport's reputation alone keeps our customers coming back to us when they know they need a shipment to make it to it's destination intact and on time.

We provide service to all 48 states and Canada and our trailer fleet can accommodate a wide variety of shipment needs. We are safe, we are experienced, and we will be the ones who can deliver when others can't.

How can we help you?

QuiCK Transport is a spot market carrier. We specialize in short notice freight with service oriented demands. We regularly service all 49 states and Canada. Our priority is on pickup and delivery times within legal and safe methods, and we provide the utmost care when it comes to handling freight.


  • All of our trucks have a 7 tarp set
  • Moving blankets used to pad corners


  • 48' Flatbed

  • 53' Flatbed

  • 53' Stepdecks

  • 48' Double Drop/Removable Gooseneck

  • Conestoga Trailers

  • Dry Van Trailers with Lift Gate Service

  • Refrigerated Trailers

  • Stepdeck with Ramps

  • Stretch Flatbed

  • Stretch Stepdeck

  • Stepdeck with Angled Racks

"This company was built on hard work, quality customer service, innovative solutions, and the determination to see every project through. Our company has continued to succeed by providing safe and reliable service, meeting pickup and delivery times, and handling all freight with necessary care, equipment, and expertise."

- Quinn Kalies, Owner