QuiCK Transport

A safe and reliable specialized trucking company

If you are looking for a trucking company that is of superb quality and optimal delivery services, look no further. QuiCK Transport's reputation alone keeps our customers coming back to us when they know they need a shipment to make it to it's destination intact and on time.

We provide service to all 48 states and Canada and our trailer fleet can accommodate a wide variety of shipment needs. We are safe, we are experienced, and we will be the ones who can deliver when others can't.

In this industry, it's imperative that only the highest safety standards be adhered to so drivers stay safe and customers get their freight delivered. At QuiCK Transport we take driving safely seriously, and our ratings from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reflect that.

"Our CSA scores reflect the importance that we place on safety and compliance. Having great mechanics in the shop provide the best service available for our equipment. We don't push our drivers to work beyond their legal or personal limitations. QuiCK Transport practices a safe and steady approach to our Over The Road operations."
- Quinn Kalies, Owner