QuiCK Transport

A safe and reliable specialized trucking company

If you are looking for a trucking company that is of superb quality and optimal delivery services, look no further. QuiCK Transport's reputation alone keeps our customers coming back to us when they know they need a shipment to make it to it's destination intact and on time.

We provide service to all 48 states and Canada and our trailer fleet can accommodate a wide variety of shipment needs. We are safe, we are experienced, and we will be the ones who can deliver when others can't.

DRIVERS AT QuiCK transport ARE some of the best DRIVERS ON THE ROAD. THEY STAY WITH quick transport because THEIR experience and skills are recognized, and they are fully supported by our staff.

The Purple Sheet system is awesome. I have never put in for time off and had it rejected.

The freight is ever changing and oversize permit routes put you on roads seldom seen by the average van hauler. BEAUTIFUL!

All of the equipment is very well maintained, not just the tractor and trailer but everything included in the loading process. The truck is set up great, everything the driver needs he has.
— Kevin F., QuiCK Transport Driver
Communicating with dispatch is very easy. I get my questions and concerns answered in a timely manner and that makes my job easier. I feel appreciated. The office understands and knows what I am dealing with out on the road because they have been there and done that too.

Their time off given after each run is very accommodating. The pay and benefits are very generous.
— Mark W., QuiCK Transport Driver


• 2017 Average yearly earnings of $69,000 with average of 166 nights home

• 7 paid holidays and a generous PTO schedule

• $20/hour after 2 hours for all loading and unloading

• $200 layover for all layover days, including 34 hour restarts

• Health/Dental/Vision Insurance with 60% paid by QuiCK Transport; AFLAC also available

• 3% Match on Retirement Investment Account


"Driving over the road can be a challenge in it's self, but I get all the time off that I need." - Kevin F.

"They check our mileage sheets each week and make sure we get paid for everything we deserve." - Mark W.

support staff

• Low truck to dispatcher ratio

• Full time mechanics to keep late model equipment in excellent shape

• Owner of company still drives

• Personable dispatch

"They have a friendly atmosphere with relatable people. I have the ability to vocalize my needs and as my needs change the company is always willing to work with me." - Kevin F.

"They have excellent equipment and it is well maintained. From top down they are concerned about having a problem free trip every time." - Mark W.


• Company issued smart phone and printer/scanner

• GPS on trucks

• No idle battery systems with 110 electric

• Refrigerator and microwaves in truck

"The printer/scanner is great! They can send maps and permits and I don't have to leave the truck to hunt for a fax machine." - Mark W.

"GPS is handy for help with directions. I can pull over to a safe spot, call the office, and talk over where the interchange or turns put me in the wrong direction. The office then helps get me back on the right track safely without guessing."  - Kevin F.

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