QuiCK Transport

A safe and reliable specialized trucking company

If you are looking for a trucking company that is of superb quality and optimal delivery services, look no further. QuiCK Transport's reputation alone keeps our customers coming back to us when they know they need a shipment to make it to it's destination intact and on time.

We provide service to all 48 states and Canada and our trailer fleet can accommodate a wide variety of shipment needs. We are safe, we are experienced, and we will be the ones who can deliver when others can't.

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The success of QUICK TRANSPORT is a direct reflection of the service we provide, and we are extremely proud of that. How do we provide such incredible service to our clients?

"QuiCK Transport is one of the best carriers I've dealt with; nothing is done without crossing the T's and dotting the I's and in today's trucking industry that's a rarity. They have friendly service, personable workers and are always available when needed. Their communication and attention to detail are unmatched. When I hire QuiCK Transport I know my freight is in good hands." - Dennis Walker, Mode Transportation, Operations Coordinator

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• We have company drivers and owner operators and a brokerage to accommodate all our customers' needs. We have the ability to fully service our customers and get their frieght to it's destination when it needs to be there. Not to mention, our drivers and the rest of our employees are all part of one big family here at QuiCK Transport.

• Part of our communication service is providing all of our drivers with smart phones and printers/scanners in each truck. Need a signed Proof of Delivery? Need photos of your freight at the shipper or receiver? We can help! It is all just a call away.

"Quick Transport is accustomed to meeting deadlines on pickups and deliveries. We understand that our customer is depending on us to meet their requirements. Our trucks are fully stocked with the tools of the trade to safely secure the freight and our drivers are attentive, caring and experienced."
- Quinn Kalies, Owner